DASH DA-770003 - Dash AI LCG Competition ESC TLAB

DASH DA-770003 - Dash AI LCG Competition ESC TLAB

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Dash AI LCG Competition ESC TLAB

Introduce the Dash AI LCG Competition ESC. The Low Center Gravity/ light weight version of our successful AI Pro ESC mainly target for the stock market. This esc is design for the popular stock market through world wide with both Blinky and Open stock software. There is also an off-road mode for crawling specific software. Dash AI LCG will also be the control ESC for the upcoming Arrowmax cup, preloaded the TLAB software as well as all the hardware you need for the race. 
The AI LCG will keep the same and well commented feature of the AI PRO which include the Adjustable BEC 6v/7v 3amp and A B C wire interchange terminal for clear wiring configuration.

Size: L36 x W30 x H14
Weight: 27 g
Voltage input: 4.8-9.9VDC (2S LiPo / 2-3S LiFe)
Peak current: 400A
Continuous: 100A
Motor limit: 10.5T
BEC: 6V / 7 V 3A

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