Serpent 420002 S240 ´21 2wd pan-car 1/24 RTR 40th Anniversary EP

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Front end consists of carbon fibre and aluminium components, attached to the chassis, pivoting on 2 soft silicone grommets, creating excellent front end grip. Machined aluminium steeringblocks with nylon insert for smooth operation, captured by upper and lower carbon fibre brackets. Adustable toe in combined with durable anodized track-rods for precision-steering.Strong nylon front bumper with machined, anodised aluminium body-posts. Sufficient space for the lay-down micro-servo 30x30mm ( not included) Carbon fibre chassis 1.5mm with intergraded flex. Carbon fibre upper radioplate with anodized aluminum antenna-holder. The S240 accepts speed-controllers for micro-cars of the major brands. Anodised aluminium bodyposts on the far corners Two equal rear axle mounts will hold the motormount that is adjsutable for different gear ratio’s. The ball-raced ball-differential operates with plates and 12 steel balls. Standard with a 42T white spur gear and a 10T motor pinion is standard ( others as optionals). Machined aluminium rear wheel-adaptors for super-true running rear wheels. Foam racing tyres on closed dished type wheels. Rear bumper to absorb the impact of fellow race-cars hitting from the back, and protect foam tyres and main gears from hits. The nicely designed clear GTP type body-shell in lightweight 0,5mm material, for great looks and superb handling.



Serpent 420002, SER420002, SER-420002

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